Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my wine pack from the one I selected previously?

Yes, you can change your selections at any time prior to your next delivery. Simply log in to your account and switch your subscription to any of the different packages on offer.

If you don’t change your selection prior, then you will be charged and receive exactly what you ordered previously.

 Can I order more wine outside of my nominated months and will I receive my discount?

Yes, you can order wine at any time you wish and yes, you will receive your discount. Simply log in to your account and order away!

When will my wine be shipped?

Your wine pack is shipped during the first week of the nominated months you have chosen.

All other wines orders are despatched by the next practical business day.

 Where does Geoff Merrill Wines deliver to?

Geoff Merrill Wines delivers wine anywhere within Australia.

Please note: we do not deliver internationally for personal orders, please see our distributors (under Contact Us menu) to find out where our wines are located globally.

 I will be away during the next shipment, what can I do?

If you’re going to be away at the time of a shipment, you can re-route your wine to a different address that will be able to receive it on your behalf. Just log in and edit your shipping details for the current shipment.

 Can I send my subscription package to a family member or friend?

Yes, you can re-route your wine to a different address. Just log in and edit your shipping details for the current shipment.

 How long will it take to delivery my wine?

Allow 7-10 working days from receipt of your order confirmation. If you have not received your order after this timeframe, please contact us.

Please note: during sale, promotional or unusual and unexpected events, delivery may be longer than the specified delivery timeframe above.

 If I have changed address and my wine is despatched to my previous address, will I be charged for re-delivery?

Yes, Geoff Merrill Wines accepts no responsibility for wine delivered to an old or incorrect address.

Please ensure you notify Geoff Merrill Wines of any changes to delivery, postal and email address.

Update your details by logging into your account.

Please note: any charges associated with re-directing your delivery will be passed onto you.

 If my wine is broken in transit, will I have to pay for replacement bottles and delivery?

No. Insurance & handling costs is covered by Geoff Merrill Wines.

 When will my credit card be charged?

For each shipment, your card will be charged during the first week of the month that your shipment is due. Please ensure your credit card details are kept up to date so that you can receive your wine on time.

 Are my account details security protected?

Yes, we always endeavour to provide a secure, safe platform from which to conduct online transactions. We use industry standard SSL protocol which encrypts information as it is transmitted over the internet.

Geoff Merrill Wines staff do not have access to stored credit card information.

Any cardholder information given to a Geoff Merrill Wines staff member will not be stored by Geoff Merrill Wines.

 What if I need to cancel my subscription to the Gaggle?

Your membership runs indefinitely and for a minimum of one year upon joining.

You can cancel your membership orders any time after the initial 12-month period.

Should you need to cancel your membership, simply log in to your profile and cancel your account.

 What if I don’t like my wine, can I return it and get a refund?

Yes, you can return your case of wine at your own cost. Geoff Merrill Wines will not pay for the return of wine.

Once your wine has been received in good order then Geoff Merrill Wines will credit you for the returned wine. You will not receive any credit for any opened or unreturned wine.

Geoff Merrill Wines accepts no responsibility for wine damaged in transit upon ‘returning to sender’.

There is an event that Geoff is attending near me, do I get discounted pricing?

If the event is hosted by Geoff Merrill Wines then you will receive discounted pricing. If the event is not being run directly by Geoff Merrill Wines but Geoff or our wines will be at the event then we cannot guarantee any discounted pricing however we endeavour to support our members with early bird tickets and discounts where possible. 

How do I get my complementary glass of wine?

When you purchase a cheese board at our cellar door you will receive a glass of wine from our premium range.Click hereto see premium range.