Katie Spain Loves The Gaggle

Recently wine journoKatie Spainvisited Mount Hurtle for a sneak peak the new range"The Gaggle by Merrill".

As a result, she has written a terrific article in Sunday's edition of Delicious.

See below her wine reviews:

2020 by Merrill Dancing Queen Riesling

"Crisp green apple aromas leap out of the glass, defy gravity, then spiral downwards with a citrus splash. Watervale fruit made its way into this crisp, refreshing riesling. It's dry with a piercing, mouth-watering acid finish. Named after Geoff Merrill's wife Annie (who loves throwing shapes on the d-floor), it's a whole lot of fun, frivolity and killer moves."

2018 by Merrill Grumpy Gramps Grenache

"Grumpy Gramps (that's Geoff Merrill in case you were wondering) is all gnarly grenache exterior, but below the bravado is utterly delightful, approachable and full of cuddles (like any self-respecting g-pa). Bright red berry aromas precede a white pepper explosion. Dangerously drinkable. Don't let the old man down it all at once."