Made for your loved one, celebrate Valentine's Day together with our Lover’s Pack, including two Festival Chianti Crystal wine glasses in a stunning gift box. Then, simply select a Museum wine from a year that’s special to you, whether it’s your wedding anniversary, first date or perhaps the day you met.

21st Feb 2022

For a well structured age-worthy wine, winemakers are looking for a balance of alcohol, sugar,  tannin and acidity. This is why the Geoff Merrill logo is the scales - the pursuit and (we reckon)  the execution of wines with perfect balance. 

21st Feb 2022

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance you’re one of our Merrill’s Mates. Oh G’day! This means you receive our emails and a regular 10% off our wine purchases.

But have you heard about The Gaggle?

16th Jan 2022

It’s our biggest sale of the year with up to 52% off your favourite Geoff Merrill wines. This is not your everyday sale. We’ve rounded up our biggest and best wine discounts so you can simply ‘Add To Cart’!

26th Nov 2021

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Geoff Merrill Wines. We hope you have a safe and restful break and get to see those family and friends who have been kept far away from us this year!

23rd Nov 2021

We’re all at risk of struggling to pace ourselves on Christmas Day, but the best advice we can give anyone (ourselves included) is to remember one thing: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Some of the most simple advice we’ve been given and arguably the best approach to an enjoyable meal is to drink the things you like to drink with the foods you like to eat. So stock up on your favourite festive fare and go-to wines, eat, drink and be merry!

19th Nov 2021

Christmas always creeps up before you know it… And in light of Covid postal delays, it’s more important than ever to order your gifts early!Order nowfor peace of mind and stash your packs away until Christmas rolls around... If you can bear it!

4th Nov 2021

The tasting panel at Australian Wine Showcase Magazine took a look at a selection of our new releases.

The results are in and we are very excited.

Click through to see the full results.

14th Sep 2021

Named after the vineyards located at our Mount Hurtle Cellar Door, thePimpala Vineyard Shirazalways proves to be a winner.

Sam KimfromWine Orbithas just reviewed the 2016 vintage and we love his thoughts.

Thanks again Sam.

13th Sep 2021

TheReserve Chardonnayhas always been a favourite of ours here at the winery.

ApparentlySam KimofWine Orbitlikes it too.

Check out his review for the 2017 vintage.

Thanks Sam for the kind words.

27th Aug 2021

Another excellent review for the ever-popularReserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

This time it'sStuart RobinsonfromThe Vinsomniacwith the nice words.

9th Jul 2021

The2013vintage of ourReserve Cabernet Sauvignonis ready for release and we have the very first review in already.

Sam KimfromWine Orbithas some great words......... and 95 points.

Thanks again Sam for the support.

29th Mar 2021

What an amazing night had by all.

29th Mar 2021

Sam KimfromWine Orbitin New Zealand recently reviewed the new vintage of ourBush Vine Shiraz Grenache Mourvèdre.

Thanks Sam for the kind words.

9th Mar 2021

Big news for our mates in Adelaide! Geoff will be hosting his first dinner for 2021 at The Kentish Hotel in March.

Where:The Kentish Hotel. 23 Stanley Street, North Adelaide.

When:Thursday March 25th, 2021 at 7.00pm

Cost:$100 per person.

Bookings:Call the Kentish Hotel on (08) 8267 1173 or email

22nd Feb 2021
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