Take Flight With 'The Gaggle by Merrill'

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our fresh new range of wines, called‘The Gaggle by Merrill.’

Exceptional wines designed to match your mood.

 Each label represents a member of the Merrill family strutting proudly as a goose and each wine has been carefully crafted to reflect the unique characteristics of the family member symbolised.

These fresh, lively wines are designed to drink now, so don't lay these golden eggs in the cellar.

Choose the goose to match your mood

Feeling fresh, vibrant and playful? Drink aDancing Queen Riesling.

Feeling bright, confident and lively? Grab aGeorgie May Chardonnay.

Feeling cheerful, fruity and fun? Choose aCharley Rose Dry Rosé.

Feeling spicy, cheeky and complex? Get aGrumpy Gramps Grenache.

Feeling bold, youthful and smooth? Sink aSaint Nic Shiraz Cabernet.